Sparkling Insights into the Jewellery Trends SS24

collage with models from Chanel, Saint Laurent, Erdem showing jewellery trends SS24-chokers

The final flourishes of your ensemble – necklaces and earrings – might come last, but they’re far from being the least. In the grand theatre of fashion, these pieces are not mere accessories but the crescendo of your style narrative. Picture, if you will, Coco Chanel minus her iconic Verdura-crafted Maltese Cross bracelets or devoid … Read more

Tradwife – The Trend That’s Driving Feminists Crazy

tradwife aesthetic-illustration of a woman from the 50s wearing an apron and serving a dinner for husband and friends

Have you heard about #Tradwife, the trend that’s causing a stir on Instagram and TikTok? The name is short for Traditional Wife. And here’s the thing: the tradwife subculture is big, and it’s getting bigger. The topic has over 300 million views on TikTok. So let’s dive into this subject and see why Gen Z … Read more

Effective Weight Loss Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

happy woman looking at her skin in a mirror standing on a fireplace

Various factors influence skin health and appearance, from biological factors like age and genetics to lifestyle choices like diet and sleep quality. However, not many are aware that body weight can also play a role in dermatological conditions. For instance, a study published in the journal Advances in Dermatology and Allergology demonstrates how weight affects … Read more

The Story Behind the ‘Tennis Bracelet’ is Celebrating 46 Years

detail of three tennis bracelet-the story behind the tennis bracelet

This article about the story behind the tennis bracelet was updated and completed with more information. At the beginning of July, specifically on the 3rd, the Wimbledon tournaments kick-off, one of the most prestigious and historically significant tennis events worldwide. All the deets of the tournament are right here. Wimbledon boasts a rich history, tracing … Read more

The Self-Tanner Hailey Bieber Loves And How to Use It Correctly

Close up of Hailey Biber self-tanned and glowing skin putting on her LIpstick brand Rhode

Here is the secret behind Hailey Bieber’s incredibly luminous summer glow. The model and founder of Rhode Skincare shared on TikTok her beauty routine. Bieber, expecting her first child, explained that her body is usually more tanned because she protects her face from the sun. So, to balance the tone of her skin and get … Read more

Top Beachwear Brands Beloved by French Girls

woman wearing a SESSUN bikini and a shirt stands on the ocean's shore smiling to the camera.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit this summer? The kind that will make you savour every moment of beach life? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of top-notch French beachwear brands just for you. So, if you dream of looking like a French girl in St. Tropez, read on. When … Read more

COS x Kazuki Tabata: Traditional Craft Meets Modern Fashion

A female and a male model are on the beach wearing pieces from COS x Kazuki Tabata collaboration

If you’re anything like us, always on the hunt for fashion pieces that go beyond the trends, then the COS x Kazuki Tabata collaboration is a must-see.Building a timeless wardrobe means finding pieces that not only resist fleeting fads but also stand the test of time with their quality. These rare moments when fashion meets … Read more

The Final Top List of Exclusive Vintage Shops in Paris

Pia, daughter of selma von schonburg, in paris while hunting for the best vintage shop in paris

Our fashion editor at Notorious Mag is spending a year in France, predominantly in Paris. Tough life, Selma. With a notebook in one hand and a pile of shopping bags in the other, Selma and her daughter Pia have compiled an enviable list of exclusive vintage shops in Paris.So, if you are planning a weekend … Read more

8 Must-Have Workwear For Spring/Summer 2024

Collage with four models from SS24 runway from Miu MIu, Zimmermann, COS and Victoria Beckham inspiring workwear

Spring is truly upon us now, bringing warmer temperatures and plenty of rain.Therefore, now is the perfect time to revisit all the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows. From Sarah Burton’s last collections for Alexander McQueen to Peter Hawkins’ debut for Tom Ford, we’ve combed everything to assemble the perfect office-look capsule collection. Explore our guide to … Read more

Tips from Celebs and Beauty Specialists – Amazing Summer Legs

Detail of the legs of two women, one black and the other white. In the middle of them, they are holding a flower.

The best time to start taking care of your legs for summer is in winter. Unfortunately, I am the type that forgets that I have legs in winter. Nevertheless, if you are consistent in your goal and read this article carefully, you will get amazing summer legs and feel confident in your skin. We sought … Read more

The Rich History of Creole Earrings

the history of creole earring -detail from an old painting with a woman wearing a creole earring

Creole earrings, also known as hoop earrings, have a rich history that spans across time and cultures. The oldest pair of this style was found in Sumerian tombs from 2600 BC, demonstrating their long-lasting appeal​​. The earrings are believed to have had various purposes across cultures, with some seeing them as protective symbols while others … Read more

Try These 8 Fashion Tricks if You Want To Look Taller

Fashionista at CPHFW, wearing a striped blouse as a fashion trick to look taller

The perennial quest for vertical superiority! For those of us whose reach might not extend to the top shelf, fear not, fashion has a cunning plan up its chic sleeve. Consider this your secret blueprint for dressing like you own a few extra inches. Because in the realm of style, perception is nine-tenths of the … Read more

Do you remember your first designer piece? I still have mine.

fashionista wearing a earring and necklace from Chanel

When I was in my teens, my mother gifted me a Fendi bag—the first designer piece I ever owned, and it’s still with me today! However, this cherished item doesn’t just sit on a memory shelf in my wardrobe; I use it quite frequently. As advocates of the #buylessbuybetter philosophy, we at Notorious believe that … Read more

Step Into Spring: Why Boat Shoes Are the Season’s Must-Have

collage with a Miu Miu model wearing a leather skirt and jacket paired with a boat shoe from the SS24 runway

Another fashion season rolls in, bringing with it a shoe trend that feels as fresh and unpredictable as the first warm breeze of spring. This time, the humble boat shoe is stealing the spotlight. Believe it or not, it’s poised to become a major player in your spring wardrobe. In this article, we will explore … Read more

The Best Brightening and Vitamin C Endorsed by New York’s Top Dermatologist

blond young woman applying a brightening serum on her face

Meet Dr. David Kim, M.D., M.S., a Stanford-trained, board-certified dermatologist residing in the heart of New York City. With the flawless skin of a baby and nearly 90,000 followers on TikTok, Dr Kim is your go-to expert in the exhilarating arena of BeautyTok. And we are thrilled to share his curated list of the best … Read more

Does Victoria Beckham x Mango Sizzle Like Beckham’s SS24 Collection?

Woman wearing a draped white Victoria Beckham x Mango dress is climbing the stairs from the swimming pool

We’re sending a birthday balloon up for Victoria Beckham as she hits the big 5-0. She’s not just a style icon; she’s a powerhouse mom and a testament to hard graft. Kudos, Victoria! The ink had barely dried on her birthday cake when she was already dazzling the fashion world with her debut collaboration with … Read more

Spring in Paris – Fashion, Flair and Street Style. 

street style photo from Paris showing a woman wearing a fur bomber jacket

Springtime in Paris. It sounds like an Adele song, which is pretty much what it is; there is hardly any better time to visit the city of love. It is the best season to see Paris, as it awakens from hibernation, and everything is just magical. And not to mention the inspiring spring street style. … Read more

Fashion-Forward Radar: Why You Need a Fishing Vest

Collage with four models wearing a fishing vest from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Martine Rose and Needles SS24

Utility has been a growing trend for several seasons now. A penchant for pockets sparked the rise of cargo pants. And now we see pockets everywhere: on bags, skirts, coats, and other garments. Speaking of which, we’ve spotted a particular item on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways that you might have seen your father wear: the … Read more