Predicting the Future: What Awaits Us in 2024

predicting the future-a crystal on a tarot cards set

Astrology and other oracles have become very popular in times of crisis and uncertainty, as we are experiencing now. But this kind of wi-fi with the gods does not bring us concrete answers and even less the certainty and peace we are looking for. Predicting the future with tarot, astrology or any superstition just exchanges Read More

Skiing in Zermatt? Then This Loro Piana Pop-Up Store is For You.

Loro Piana model wearing a neutral colour winter outfit looking through the window to the mountains in Zermatt

Nestled amidst the snow-dusted peaks and vibrant ski life of Zermatt, Loro Piana has unveiled its first pop-up store. From December 15, 2023, to March 15, 2024, this exclusive destination invites skiing enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike to experience the epitome of outdoor living during the cooler months. Keep reading this post, where we’re going Read More

7 Best-Dressed Women of 2023: Because We’re Picky 

collage with the best dressed women 2023-Zendaya-Gwyneth Paltrow-Sofia Coppola-Princess Beatrice-Sarah Harris-Blanca Miro

One more year has gone by with plenty of fabulous red carpet-gowns and great street-style looks. And, among the stylish women we’ve seen in 2023, a few stood out from the crowd thanks to on-point sartorial choices, becoming style icons and references. So, with no further ado, here are the best-dressed women of 2023. 1- Read More

Fashion Recap – The Highlights from All Fashion Weeks SS24

Collage showing 8 trendy looks from all fashion weeks ss24

Fashion Month has finally wrapped up, and it’s time to dish on the juiciest deets from the runway. You know how it is – it takes a hot minute to digest all those shows, thousands of pics, and an avalanche of ideas that the SS24 collections brought to the table. Fashion, it’s a wild ride, Read More

7 Instagram Outfits That Inspire Party Vibes

Detail of a crystal hair bowl from Jennifer Behr

Notorious is totally in Christmas and End of the Year holidays mode. That means family first! Kids, uncles, and aunts are snagging all our love and time right now. But hey, that doesn’t mean we’re ghosting our fab reader community during the festive season. Let’s face it – you, our dear readers, are practically fam Read More

How To Look Fabulous in Your Skiwear This Season

Audrey Hepburn in the film Charade wearing a aprés ski outfit while in a hut on the mountains.

It’s time to take a look and dust off your skiwear. So the first question is: what kind of skier are you? The sporty type who can’t wait to hit the slopes? Or are you more into the après-ski scene? You know, you love sipping your hot chocolate or vin brulé while chatting with friends and Read More

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: A Life in Fashion. The Book, The Muse and The 90s Style Revisited

a detail of the book Carolyn bessette kennedy, a life in fashion where we see her walking in new york with her husband john kennedy jr.

Oh, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy! Her name alone conjures images of sleek, minimalist elegance, a beacon of style from the nineties that continues to echo through the fashion corridors today. Imagine this: a world where Khaite, Bottega Veneta, and The Row are tipping their hats to Carolyn’s effortless panache. And now, the allure of Carolyn Bessette Read More

Lady Diana – Inspiration on What to Wear to Christmas. 

Lady Diana wearing a tartan jacket, perfect outfit for a Christmas brunch

When looking for inspiration on what to wear to Christmas? Who better than Lady Diana and her glam style to give you ideas for your Christmas outfits? The stylish princess, the mother of Prince William and Harry, passed away in a tragic car accident in 1997. Nevertheless, more than 25 years later, Lady Di keeps Read More

Scandi Girl Style -The 6 Best Danish Girls to Follow on Instagram

Jeanette Madsen has one of the best Danish Instagrams during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is a right cracker, buzzing with energy, much like Danish lasses and their uber-cool Instagrams. Nowadays, it seems the fashion world’s split down the middle: on one side, the French girl style; on the other, the Scandi girl style. Well, since a picture’s worth a thousand words, let’s have a butcher’s at Read More

Notorious Women #8 – Visual Artist Magda von Hanau

Artist Magda von Hanau holding a sculpture from her Visceral series at Meiselberg castle in Austria during an art exhibition and instalation event.

Magda von Hanau represents a journey from Brazil to the global stage, embracing her self-coined identity as a “daughter of the world.” Initially gracing the spotlight as a model and actress, she evolved into an accomplished sculptor, photographer, and designer. Hailing from the quaint town of Barra Bonita, she metamorphosed into a figure akin to Read More

The Best Resales Sites and Tips to Buy&Sell Your Designer Piece 

woman lying on a bed surrounded by bags, shoes and vintage clothes

As you’ve already sussed out, us lot at Notorious are right keen on sustainability. And what’s more sustainable and savvy than bagging resale and luxury vintage? Luxury consignment sites for pre-loved clobber are the bee’s knees for snagging one-of-a-kind designer gear or simply decluttering your wardrobe. Fashion buffs and stylists are already on this eco-friendly Read More

Some Chic and Smart Party Season Styles 

black white photo-Whitney Peak at Met Gala with Chanel

The first thing you have to consider is that all (all, no euphemism) shops are clogged to the brim with sequined dresses, skirts, trousers, suits and shoes. We’re totally not anti-sequin – actually, we’re pretty smitten with the glitzy glam and the way it jazzes things up. But let’s be real, the world’s practically drowning Read More

7 Great Ski Destinations In Europe - The snowiest spots.

Collage showing a lady on ski in the Austrian alps, one of the best ski destination in Europe

If there is one thing we like to do here in Austria, that is skiing throughout the holiday season and well into the end of winter. Did someone say Easter? This year’s ski season is shaping up to be epic. The La Niña current, which resulted in scarce snowfall across Europe in recent years, has Read More

Understanding the stitches of your fisherman sweater 

Fisherman sweater and a rolex

The King-of-Cool Steve McQueen, President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Robert Pattinson, Captain America‘s Chris Evans and most stylish men all have one thing in common: The fisherman sweater. Also known as an Aran sweater, the hand-stitched pullover is famous for its intricate patterns. Did you know that behind the stitches of your fisherman sweater, Read More

#BuyBetter- A Curated Christmas Gift List for the Fashion-Fluent

Maya Hawke for Prada Christmas 23 Campaign

Is it already Christmas? Has the calendar played a trick on us this year, shifting Christ’s birth to November? I must confess, traditionally, I’ve been one to leave my Christmas shopping to the last gasp. I mean, on the 23rd of December, you’d find me dashing about for those final treasures. Yet, this year heralds Read More

Nicht essbare Gelüste: die besten Outfits in Schokoladenbraun 

Woman wearing a fal outfit in chocolate brown; cap, blazer and turtle neck in matching dark brown colours.

Ich werde nie müde, Schwarz zu tragen, aber es gibt eine andere Lieblingsfarbe für den Winter in meinem Kleiderschrank; ein Farbton, der so köstlich aussieht wie sein Name, Schokoladenbraun. Unser nicht essbares Verlangen besteht aus dunkelbraunen Stücken, die fabelhaft und raffiniert aussehen. In diesem Artikel sehen Sie Inspirationen, wie man das schicke Schokoladenbraun trägt und Read More

#OutfitCostChallenge: Can You Spot an Expensive Outfit?

two women wearing the same outfit like in the tiktok outfitcostchallenge

The Outfit Cost Challenge is the latest buzz in the fashion world on TikTok. Kicked off by two savvy editors from, this trend involves donning what appears to be identical outfits and asking Joe Public which one they reckon is the pricey number. To get a handle on the buzz, the hashtag #OutfitCostChallenge has Read More

Louis Vuitton’s Million-Dollars Bag: Your Next Arm Candy?

street style-Jacob Elordi and LeBron James wearing the new Louis Vuitton's bag

In the high-stakes poker game of luxury fashion, Louis Vuitton has upped the ante with its latest handbag, the Millionaire Speedy. Costing a mere trifle of one million dollars, it’s the perfect accessory for those who feel their current handbags are embarrassingly affordable. This bag doesn’t just scream luxury; it practically hires a skywriter to Read More

How to sound like a true fashionista From A to Z.

Fashionista Dictionary from A to Z.

Here are some keywords and expressions to impress your audience as a true fashionista. A- Apparel: Any kind of clothing. B- Baggy: loose-fitting coats, shirts /wide-legged jeans etc. C- Contemporary: mid-priced but trend-focused clothes, more affordable than designer brands. D- Dress for the occasion: to wear the right clothes for each specific occasion. For example: Read More

20 Must-Have Styling Tricks for AW23-24

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 -carolyn bessette kennedy

Notorious is hot on the heels of the trends you absolutely need in your wardrobe for AW23-24. Sure, we’ve already chatted about the game-changing colours and shoes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also sifted through the cream of the crop from fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris. But, drumroll please, Read More

From Zero to Party Queen: Tips That Make You Unforgettable

collage showing people having fun at party

We understand that the considerations you juggled at parties in your early 20s shift quite a bit by the time you’re cruising through your late 30s or early 40s. To dust off your party prowess, we’ve crafted five golden rules to turn you into the ultimate queen of the soirée scene. Ready to pick up Read More